Hello Hello!

So happy to have you here!  

You should be the proud owner of a YOUNG, Vital, Vibrant body & mind...  

I want you move and live with energy, joy & vibrance.

BUT - I know we all have room to FEEL better health in various ways... and despite the very best intentions ... some days will be a drag.  Some days your best laid plans to workout and eat awesomely well will be crushed by some emergency.  Sometimes injuries will make you feel like you aged 10 years in a day, sometimes you'll find yourself feeling sick or overheating at night after a cookie binge (sugar induced night sweats had me sleeping near a towel for years!).

I've been in these situations (again and again!) and I've spent the last 10 years learning and growing my knowledge and my abilities in the food & fitness sphere to crush these pains for myself & others.  Even when they resurface, even when life gets in the way of health.  Even when it feels like you're "ON" of "OFF" the wagon. 

SO - You're invited to take advantage of ME... I'm determined to SHARE more of what i've learned, what I teach, and what I DO myself to stay looking and feeling a solid 7 - 10years younger than my age.  If you're game, if you're curious, you're invited to jump on the journey with me - take what you want - ignore what you don't and ASK questions!  TELL ME what annoys, frustrates, and beguiles you in this world where a billion bytes of information are close at hand, but we still can't seem to get consistent with the BASIC BASIC BASICS of eating, moving & sleeping.

So... my friend... let me know what FRUSTRATES you... and I'm up to the challenge of

1) Truly LISTENING to your struggle  

2) Supporting your SHIFT to hedonic health. 

After 10 years in the fitness and health industry I am stepping up to alleviate your burning pain problems!

Cheers to awesome Eating, Moving, and Living!


Kimber Domke